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Signs Your Kid is Being Cyberbullied

It's possible that you won't even know -- studies show that only 5 percent of middle-schoolers tell their parents when they're the victims of cyberbullying (a disturbing statistic, if we ever saw one).

Too Stressed?

When it comes to daily stressors, kids may not have bills to pay or a boss to please--but they face mounting peer pressure and academic demands.

Don't Touch My Stuff

If you've ever watched your son smack his little sister because he "felt like it," or your daughters fighting to the death over a Barbie doll, you've seen sibling rivalry in action.

Snag a Safe Sitter

Whether you need a nanny to stay with Emily and Joey while you’re at work, or you just need a sitter for the evening while you’re out celebrating your wedding anniversary, we’re sure you can find the perfect babysitter with these simple tips.

The Right Stuff

Parents wish for nothing more than health
and happiness for their children, but they may also be feeling the increased pressure to groom their kids along the way for acceptance into a top college or university.

Staying Sane at Disney World

From the long days on your feet to over-stimulated, cranky kids, a Disney trip can quickly take its toll on just about anyone’s sanity.

How Dyslexia Derails Learning

Misunderstood as a disorder that causes people to read backwards -- and as something kids can simply "grow out of" -- dyslexia can encompass a variety of symptoms.

Waiting for Words

When a three-year-old still isn’t forming full sentences, or a toddler’s speech is impossible to understand by anyone except Mommy and Daddy, there’s a chance they may be dealing with either a language delay or disorder.

Parenting the Child Whose Sibling Has ADHD

Your child with ADHD may naturally demand more or your time and attention. But that doesn't mean his or her siblings aren't dealing with

Steps to Advance Literacy

When it comes to building literacy skills and inspiring a new generation of passionate readers, forging strong partnerships is among the best ways to educating families about the value of reading aloud to their kids.

Classroom Mom to the Rescue

By rallying other parents and drawing on their own skills
and interests, the five moms you’ll meet here found ways
to enrich their children’s schools --and beat the budget
crunch -- at the same time.

Feeling Festive

Forget party hats; today’s kids want paparazzi and
videogame trucks.

Is Your Child a Quitter?

When one of your child's activities begins to lose its luster, parents are often torn between giving in to a child who wants to quit and the desire to teach a lesson in committment and giving something your best shot.

Bored at School?

Complaints of boredom at school can signal larger issues, such as disengagement with learning or a consistent problem grappling a certain subject matter.

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